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Xfactor Productions is a partner which can able to turn our clients' visions into a tangible production. We can convert an event plan to the production execution. X-Factor into the event industry for last one decade. Our services are as follows,

  • Designer Stage Decoration production
  • Installation production
  • Onsite event support (Production work bounded)
  • PA System upto 5000W
  • Stage Lighting
  • Projector + Screen
  • Intractive Boards upto 65inch - 4k Resolution
  • 360 Videobooth, Photobooth, VR Booth, Quiz Kiosk etc.

Event Rentals in Kochi

Other Products Services Includes

  • Stage Platform - 3feet, 2feet, 1feet and 6inch feet
  • Stage Step - 2feet height, 3feet height, 4feet height Step Size : width 3feet, 8feet
  • Barricade - 100Meter
  • Branding Boards Sizes : 12x4, 10x4, 8x4, 6x4, 6x3 12x5, 10x5 12x7 12x2, 10x2, 8x2, 6x2 12x1, 10x1, 9x1, 8x1,6x1
  • Stall Branding Boards 4Mx3M, 3Mx3M, 3Mx2M, 2Mx2M
  • AV console Masking
  • Fiber Set of 10stage designs and 5 Entry Arch designs
  • Box type entry arch of 14Feet, 11Feet, 9Feet and 8feet
  • Stage Design Structures
  • Stage decor - Floral work
  • Mall Installation work etc.
  • Designer Stage Decoration production
  • Stage Platform
  • Barricade
  • Mall and Showroom Installation production
  • Onsite event support (Production work bounded)
  • Expo Stall Productions
  • Branding Support
  • PA System up to 5000W & Portable Speakers
  • Stage Lighting
  • Projector + Screen
  • Interactive Boards upto 65inch - 4k Resolution
  • 360 Videobooth
  • Photobooth with Live Photo Print
  • VR Booth & Quiz Kiosk
  • Photography Service
  • Videography Service

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